martedì 27 marzo 2018

The Regioni and Trenitalia do not abide by their undertakings: yet again in April the trans-regional fares will be calculated on the basis of a fake algorythm and there will be no refund.

The Regioni and Trenitalia, failing to comply with the agreement with Consumer Associations reached in October, in April will still be selling trans-regional monthly passes calculated on the basis of a fake algorythm (up to 30% over the fares correctly calculated on the basis of an algorythm proportional to the distance and to the regional fares concerned) and will not provide for the refund of the extra-charges due for 7 months: according to their statements the above because of delays in the data processing. On April 5th next there will be another meeting with the Regioni and Trenitalia and if, by that date, no firm terms will be established as concerns:

1. May monthly passes on sale based on fares calculated on the basis of a new proportional algorythm

2. refund of the 8 extra-charges in May

3. lump-sum refund for the 2012-July 2017 period

the time for mediation will be considered ended and the judicial phase will begin instead.